Tucson Arizona
A Great Desert Vacation Choice!

Tucson ArizonaCity Scape View of Downtown Tucson

Tucson Arizona - memorialized in a Beatles' song! Jo-Jo left his home there...

Do you remember? Went to California for something or other...

Anyway - Tucson is about a 4 hour drive to the California state line. Convenient if you want to get to the beach. Which a lot of us Arizonans do take advantage of.

We live nearby Tucson - and we can sure tell you it's a great place!

What's exceptional about Tucson Arizona is the diversity there for terrific experiences, and a marvelous life-style. There's always so much to do - something for everyone's interests, and tastes. Fine lodgings - Great weather ... So much more!

Look around, and there is always something to do. Since we're locals... we can help you figure out the insider track when you visit!

What this means for you is: fantastic vacation or trip ideas at every click - right here! Let's see:

  • It's a large enough city - yet there's still that small town atmosphere
  • A modern city, with a hopping downtown [Read More>] - but a few miles out, go hiking in wilderness
  • There are great breweries, but also fabulous places made for the kids
  • It is a desert! Summertime temps can be 105 or more - yet take a 1/2-hour drive & you'll get into the mountains for temps in the 70s at the top - even lower on some days
  • It is a desert! Figure the weather won't put rain-outs on your outdoor plans... Yet if you're here in the monsoon season, you'll welcome the rain storms... They're an experience! See more here...
  • As a desert, Tucson Arizona is right in the middle of the Sonoran Desert - with unique Desert Plants and Desert Animals to see
  • Since it was part of Mexico until the Gadsden Purchase - there are delicioso Mexican restaurants aplenty!
  • But that's not all - Quality Restaurants of every style are throughout the area: we have Great Suggestions for you!
  • Yes! There's the historic aspect, nicknamed "the Old Pueblo" - Take in all the history and cultures of the area: Hispanic, Native American, Euro/Asian immigrant settlers, cowboys / cowgirls -  the Old West!
  • And must stress this - how unique this area is: Tucson has so many one-of-a-kind things for you to see! For the whole family!

Finding Tucson Arizona

Entering Downtown TucsonArriving in Downtown Tucson

The City of Tucson Arizona is located in the Southern portion of the state of Arizona. But a little Easterly. It's elevation is actually a little higher (read - "cooler") than that of Phoenix - which is about 100 miles to the north.

In the desert, temperatures often depend on elevation. The higher the elevation, the more temperate the "local climate." Tucson's temperatures are about 5 to 10 degrees lower than Phoenix - on average.

If coming in to Arizona from any area, get to Tucson via Interstate 10. It goes right through the center of town.

  • Traveling from California, Interstate 8 East from the San Diego area merges into 10. Take it Eastward.
  • From the Los Angeles area, Interstate 10 East will take you directly there.
  • From the San Francisco area - Interstate 40 East goes to Flagstaff There intersect with Interstate 17. Take I-17 South until merging with Interstate 10 East in Phoenix.
  • Traveling from the East you enter AZ from New Mexico directly on 10 West, and into Tucson
  • Coming into Arizona from Northwestern New Mexico, come in through Interstate 40 West. At Interstate 17 in Flagstaff take it South. In Phoenix merge with Interstate 10 East to Tucson.
  • Finally - check out the map below...

Staying Over in Tucson

Need hotels in Tucson Arizona? Choices of all styles are here, for all budgets. And some special desert-style experience stays for you. You can see more here >

Maybe a bed and breakfast is more to your pleasure? We've got a great selection in the Tucson Arizona area for you. See recommended B&Bs by clicking here>

Is spa stay your heart's desire? Tucson has some deluxe spas where you'll be treated like royalty! Check them out: more info here>

Tucson Weather

Since Tucson is in the desert, it's important to think of the weather. The Sonoran Desert has its own weather patterns. This makes it a diverse environment. If you're thinking that the desert is just hot and dry - think again! There's more variability to Tucson area weather... Read more>

We've had at least as many "white Christmas" days when we lived in the Tucson area, as we had living in the Northeast of the US - in a colder, "4 season" climate. [When we lived there - way back when!!]

Wake up to snow in the desert on December 25th. It's a delightful sight! Even more delightful is that it warms up to the 50s and 60s in the afternoon. You see the snow melting.

Yes, there are seasons in the Sonoran Desert. Not the same type as the temperate climates of the world. But living here... you do see them, and they're definitely noted.

In fact, there's a stirring film on this subject. Produced by Thomas Wiedwandt in 2012, it's called Desert Dreams: Celebrating Five Seasons in the Sonoran Desert. It video-graphically and vividly shows desert life. There's a background of instrumental music by Gary Stroutsos.

Monsoon season is a wondrous time of year which locals look forward to. It runs from about mid June until the end of September. Read up on it further by clicking here>

The important thing to remember with desert weather - is management/planning:

  • Stay indoors where there is air conditioning on the hottest days - observe any excessive heat weather warnings.
  • Don't go for the most physically active choices on days with heat and humidity.
  • Stay hydrated when outdoors, and when it is warm out - plan activities in the shade.
  • You can picnic on a summer day, but stay in shady areas. Or go up to a mountain picnic area!
  • Use sunscreen, wear a sun-hat, wear sun-glasses.
  • Remember - summer or winter: the desert sun is very strong. Respect it!

The Tucson weather for today & a future outlook, is right below:

Tucson Things to Do

Tucson AZ desertSonoran Desert surrounds Tucson

We have lots of suggestions for you:

There's lots of Tucson Restaurants for you to sample. Let's see what the menu has in store - see a sampling, and recommendations by clicking here>

Do you love to hike? Or just take walks that give you an idea of the flora and fauna of the area. There's many ways to do that in Tucson. Short or long, easy or more difficult - you can find them here. [Get our FREE EBook on this page below - or above - for a few of them!] All are worth it, you'll enjoy the choices and impressive scenery. See the details for hiking or walking in Tucson Arizona - more info here>

Free Tucson ActivitiesFREE EBook - Click Here to Get Download

See even more on our Arizona Hiking Trails page right here!

Mount Lemmon is always a travel spot for those visiting Tucson. Isn't it amazing that people who live somewhere often don't even visit their local attractions.

I know people who've lived in Tucson all their lives, who haven't even been to Mt. Lemmon! They don't know what they've been missing! Some good information on getting to the area, plus a suggested trail in the Coronado National Forest is right here>

How about going into Tucson Mountain Park? There you'll find Old Tucson - and also the highly recommended Arizona Sonora Desert Museum - More Here>

Downtown Tucson Arizona is an alive happening place!! Check out what's going on... See more here>

When downtown...

you may want to ride Sun Link - Tucson's street car - to get around locally. See the video below to get the scoop on riding: