Sedona Energy Vortex

Sedona Energy VortexDo You Ponder the Mysteries of a Vortex?
Sedona VortexLooking for a Sedona Energy Vortex?

Sedona Energy Vortex areas are unique. Some people come to Sedona with just an interest in checking out the vortex spots.

Is that you? Then we have some areas for you to see!

Some are skeptical regarding the concept of a vortex. I had never really specifically heard of a vortex myself. Before we started visiting Sedona....

Oh, I had heard of the Bermuda Triangle. I thought - well, there could be something to it?? Maybe?? I don't know...

On our first trip to wonderful Sedona, I picked up a small booklet on the vortexes in Sedona. How interesting!

My husband, Bill, is more into or attuned to this spiritualistic energy type of stuff than I am. I am more earth-bound! But I'm open to experience new things. So sure, I'll check out these Sedona energy vortex areas!

We decided to plan another trip to Sedona. We'd take a week off work, and do some hiking. We'd definitely include some great Sedona hikes!

And no-doubt - we'd include at least one Sedona energy vortex. In fact, we'd likely include hikes to a few of them! One of the first we visited was the Sedona energy vortex called Airport Mesa trail, which we saw in our booklet.

Here's the map location:

Sedona Energy Vortex: Airport Mesa Trail

One of Our Experiences -

If I hadn't been there to see it with my own eyes...

I would not have believed it myself!!

Drive from the intersection of Hwy. 179 and 89A. Go West on 89A. A little over 1 mile on the left you'll see Airport Road. Turn there and go up the hill. A little ways on the left is the turn-out for parking.

You can see it on the map above. There's numerous paths here on which to access the main Airport Mesa trail.

We walked over to the edge of an overlook. There were juniper trees scattered around (more on this later). We saw a few areas where people had stacked red rocks one atop the other 4 or 5 high. We didn't know if that marked a trail - it didn't appear so. We wondered if it marked a spiritual spot, like a vortex?...

Bill said he was going to sit at the overlook, and meditate. I sat down to look at the scenery. It was beautiful, relaxing. A great view of the Oak Creek valley below... and red rock formations in the distance. So serene!

I thought: is this full serenity I was feeling? Can I attribute it to being in a Sedona energy vortex? I thought maybe, as not many places had this effect on me! I was really relaxed, and enjoying that - and the view.

Airport Mesa VortexOak Creek Valley Can be Seen From Airport Mesa Overlooks

Bill took the typical cross-legged meditating type of posture. His arms were relaxed, but outstretched on his knees.

We sat there about 15 minutes or so. It was a nice day in the spring. The weather was just right. It was sunny. Some clouds were moving by. Temps were probably in the high 70's.

As we got up to go, Bill said "look - my hands!" He showed me the back of his hands. On each one, there was a red circle, about the size of a silver dollar. It was like a sunburn. Right on the back of each hand!

There was no accounting for it! I was amazed!

It faded after a few hours. We both thought it had to do with the Sedona Vortex that we were in or adjacent to! What else could it have been? What could it mean? We didn't know. But some kind of energy had been there interacting with him.

He believes he feels it. He says he did feel it that day as he was sitting there. But when he saw his hands, he believes it confirmed what he felt!

I don't exactly feel it, as he seems to - but I did see it!

What was there on his hands...   And like I said, if I hadn't been there myself, and seen it... I wouldn't have believed it!!! Sooo - I understand if you're skeptical.

But see what you think! Give it a try - go ahead and visit a vortex in Sedona. See if you feel its energy!

Sedona energy vortexWhat is a Vortex? Sedona is Known for them...

What Exactly is a Vortex?

Technically a vortex connotes a whirling mass that generates an irresistible force. It draws anything in that's nearby. Think of a whirlpool, a tornado, a water spout, or water circling a drain.

When we think of a Vortex as we speak of them in Sedona, these are metaphysical, or spiritual places - not physical. It's an energy, but not a measurable specific energy.

Some people will quote it as electromagnetic. It's a type of energy that some people can sense or feel, that enhances their well-being. It's a balancing yin/yang energy.

Sedona twisted Juniper trees relate to Vortex energyTwisted Juniper Tree Relates to Sedona Vortex Areas

They say there are 4 primary vortexes in the Sedona area. Some others say there are many subtle vortex energies all throughout Sedona.

That kind of makes sense to me. Stand in any location there, and just look around. Relax in any spot. You get a sense of calm, of wonder! Come visit, and try it!

If you see a juniper tree, with its branches, or its trunk twisted around, a vortex is at work! That's another thing they say. You see the energies are at work there, twisting its wood as it grows. So look for the twisting junipers, and see if you feel the energy of the vortex!

I hope that helps. But...

I liked the way another person described it. He doesn't really feel the pull of the vortex, but yet appreciates something about the area's feel.

D. Gardner wrote "There's a vibe in the air, something not quite audible, a kind of metaphysical dog whistle that calls people out to have a look around and to try to feel something that, if you're not a committed New-Age pilgrim, is hard to put into words. Nowhere else in this country does a natural setting feel so much like the inside of a soaring pantheistic cathedral" [New York Times, Travel, 4/9/2006].

Other Sedona Vortexes

Boynton Vortex in SedonaBoynton Canyon Vortex: Knoll Ahead
  • Bell Rock - This is a well known Sedona energy vortex, as well as a landmark. Essentially the whole area is the vortex. My husband, Bill can sense its energy as soon as we walk in the area. We love walking the trails. I do feel its serenity, but is that the vortex making me feel that way? I cannot say! Bill feels that it is.
  • Boynton Canyon - Drive along Hyw. 89A, continuing West from the Airport Rd. turn-off. You'll see the right-hand turn-off to Dry Creek Rd. Watch for the traffic light there. There are signs which lead you to Boynton Canyon. At the parking area, enter the trail. But turn off onto the Vista trail. The vortex is at the knoll area. Read more>
  • Cathedral Rock - There are multiple ways to access this vortex. 
  • Probably the easiest way is via Red Rock Crossing:
    • Take Upper Red Rock Loop Rd. off 89A to Chavez Ranch Rd.
    • Pay the fee to park at Crescent Moon Park.
    • Then walk along Oak Creek to Cathedral Rock. It's also a very scenic walk.
  • Another is via the Village of Oak Creek.
    • Drive to the end of Verde Valley School Rd.
    • Walk along Oak Creek toward Cathedral Rock.
  • It's the most difficult trek to this Sedona energy Vortex. For those who like challenging hikes -