RefugesWildlife Refuges are Great Spots to Incorporate into Your Travel Adventures

Do Refuges bring a certain picture to mind?

The definition is a place that offers shelter or safety from being pursued. Or from being in danger, or safety away from peril. We think of any wildlife as having that chance for safety when they are in a wildlife sanctuary.

Yet they still live within the balance of nature. So in nature, they are not entirely free from danger. They live with their normal peril. It's from their natural predators.

Sometimes wildlife get into situations where they're not in balance. It happens more often as human populations start to encroach into their habitats.

Then the places called Wildlife Refuges allow regulated hunting, fishing, and trapping. Some disagree with these policies. Are there reasonable arguments on both sides? The National Wildlife Refuge System has their explanation, for you to consider.

If you have a National Wildlife Refuge nearby you. It's a natural gift! It's a place of great diversity for all animal life, plant life - and bird life.

Have a treat visiting these natural preserves! Enjoy what they offer. Hike their nature trails, see the sights.

Learn what's available at each by using their keyed experiences. Click right here to learn more about these National Sanctuaries. They provide fantastic nature experiential opportunities for you!

Wildlife Refuges

These areas throughout the world offer many hiking, birding and learning opportunities. There's a great variety of them. You can add to your life experiences just by varying the type of Sanctuary habitat you choose to visit.

We have listed here some very unique, special ones. We want to hear from you also. Where have you been, that you can recommend? Let's hear from you...

Unique Sanctuaries

Ramsey Canyon Preserve

wildlife refugesRamsey Canyon is a Refuge known for its Hummingbirds

In Southern Arizona, Ramsey Canyon is cared for by the Nature Conservancy. The Huachuca Mountains, where it's situated, is rich in flora and fauna diversity and a source of the San Pedro River: Ramsey Creek.

The Sonoran Desert intermingles with the Chihuahuan Desert in the lower elevations. The higher elevations form a meeting of the Rocky Mountains and the Sierra Madre. In the mid elevations the grassland habitats provide for diverse species.

It's known that 15 different species of hummingbirds have been observed in this area. The Elegant Trogon, Buff-breasted flycatcher & others exciting bird species have also been spotted! It's located just south of the town of Sierra Vista, near Fort Huachuca. 

It's a unique, diverse area for hiking. You'll appreciate the beauty of the area, for sure!

Other Great Areas for Bird Lovers

Channel Islands National Park

These islands are near-by large population centers. Yet they're remote, desert-like, and teeming with unique animal life.

You can try to spot one bird species living on the islands. You'll find it no-where else!

This park also provides nesting areas for many shore-birds. The Channel Islands have more areas for shore-bird habitat than anywhere else in Southern California. A protected nesting area for the previously endangered Brown Pelican can be seen from boats. It's on the Western end of Anacapa Island.

One of the islands has a pretty inaccessible area. A man named Frenchy LeDreau lived there for 28 years. It's named after him, now known as "Frenchy's Cove." He has a unique history, living there after losing his beloved wife.

Plan a trip that will cover a few hours, or half a day. There are many areas you can hike. You can make a super hiking adventure! Overnight camping stays can be planned. 

Riverlands Migratory Bird Sanctuary

It's an area where the confluence of 4 great waterways intersect. It's the type of area many birds love. It's right along the central bird migration flyway, on the banks of the Mississippi River. The habitat includes prairie, fresh-water marsh lands and forested areas. It's a collaborative project between the Army Corp of Engineers and Audubon Societies. Entry is free! It's an amazing experience for bird lovers!

Located near St. Louis, at 301 Riverlands Way in West Alton, Missouri.