Red Rock State Park

Red Rock State ParkStunning Views from the Park's Picnic Areas

Red Rock State Park is a wonderful place to visit. You can view it as an introduction to the area.

Drive just a little ways out of town, towards the South to get there. You may start to wonder why you seem to be going away from the major red rock areas... But as you enter the park, that will definitely change!

This AZ State Park is almost universally loved by visitors. Officially it opened on October 19, 1991. Much work happened to get it to that point!

A lot of negotiation and hard fought land exchanges between several governmental and private entities were in the works for quite a while. The whole process was initiated by Governor Bruce Babbitt.

Are you looking for kind-of easy hiking opportunities? This is the place!

Hike along beautiful Oak Creek. Hike a little further into the scenic wooded hills. At every turn you'll see awesome red rock hills and formations!

The park is open every day of the week. It's limited to daytime hours of 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Pets aren't allowed, as well. They have educational programs, a gift shop and picnic areas.

Variable routes total 5 total miles of hiking trails in the park. They intersect each other. That's great for planning a variety of easy routes for day hikes. Bring your children along! It's an especially fantastic spot to introduce them to hiking.

Hiking Red Rock ParkA View from a Red Rock State Park Hiking Trail

You can try out nearby Lime Kiln Trail. It's a shared use, non-motorized trail. Hikers, bicycles and horses are able to use it.

It begins just outside the State Park's entrance gate. The trail has a historical connection. Plus it connects to Dead Horse Ranch State Park in Cottonwood. That state park is another wonderful place to visit!

Red Rock State Park Trails

Kisva Trail wanders by Oak CreekBeautiful Oak Creek can be seen along Trails in Red Rock State Park

The trails are each about 2 miles long or less. Some are quite short. Some are accessed via other trails. All are opportunities for fantastic hiking experiences! Have a look...

  • Eagle's Nest Loop - Hike to the highest point in the park, at 300 ft. of elevation. This is also one of the longest trails in the park.
  • Apache Fire Loop -  It wanders up and down through brushy and woody areas. Plus - as usual - magnificent views!
  • Coyote Ridge Trail - Short trail with mild elevation changes. It connects Eagle's Nest Trail with Apache Fire Loop
  • Kisva Trail - A short trail along the riparian area of Oak Creek
  • Yavapai Ridge Trail - Short loop trail around a woodland ridge 
  • Javalina Trail - Wanders through pinyon and juniper woodlands