Oak Creek Canyon

Oak Creek Canyon is a beautiful area, just north of Sedona. You don't want to stay in Sedona without taking a drive up through Oak Creek Canyon. There are many pull-outs along the way.

Drive along Route 89A North from Sedona Town. The road follows along the creek. Look up - you'll see that indeed you are in the canyon!

Please remember that you're welcome to bring along your pets, your family dog. Please have him/her walk along with you on a leash. There are a few restricted areas where pets are not allowed - such as Red Rock State Park. Please remember to clean up after your pet. More on that below...

Stop in to a visitor center when you first arrive. Get an overview for your best planning. There are 3 Gateway centers as you enter the Sedona area. You can pick up all you need there, including your Red Rock parking passes [read more] and if needed - a Federal park pass.

Oak Creek meanders right alongside the roadwayDriving Along Oak Creek Canyon: Rt. 89A.

One serious concern is the amount of trash left behind by visitors to Oak Creek. You'll want to be a responsible keeper of this pristine environment. We all want it to remain a quality locale for everyone! That includes the wild animal life. It's their 24 hour home.

The Oak Creek Watershed Council acts to preserve the exquisiteness of this area. They've been instrumental in providing for Pet Waste Stations (PWS). Please use these if you bring your family dog - or any pet who must relieve themselves during the day!

Keep in mind that pet feces are full of E. Coli - you know that bacteria you have heard about in the news...

You likely have heard about it getting into chicken or hamburger meat and causing illness - even death! A terrible thing.

But... if pet waste is left on the ground, it can make its way into the waters of the creek. Along with the E. Coli bacteria! Yuck!

Then the human users of the waters: swimmers, waders, sliders at the park, those on a picnic at stream-side - could become seriously ill. You don't want that for you or your family! 

So please... collect your pet's wastes - and dispose properly. Find a PWS - located throughout the Sedona area, Oak Creek popular dog-walking areas, and at some US Forest Service trail-heads.

The Council has produced a movie to explain this urgent situation. Please click the Oak Creek Image adjacent to view this video. It's called: Loved to Death: The Story of Oak Creek.

Slide Rock Park

Your favorite stop along the Oak Creek Canyon route may be Slide Rock State Park. It's a beautiful and unique area. As its name tells, it has a purpose! A delightful one at that, on a hot summer day! Kids - and big kids (think age over 21!) - line up to slide down the smooth red sandstone boulders in the small waterfall in Oak Creek.

It's a natural waterslide - how fun!!

Driving along 89A - north of Sedona. It's about 7 miles, a West side of the road entrance. The charge is per car, and is lower on weekdays. $20 Monday through Thursday, while increasing by $10 on the 3 "weekend" days (with Friday) and all holidays.

Oak Creek Canyon Overlook

Overlook view of Oak Creek CanyonOak Creek Canyon from the Northern Overlook

You'll reach the north end. Go up along the road's switchbacks up to an overlook. There's a large parking area there. Get out and take a break here to view the areas of the canyon through which you have just toured!

Native Americans are often in this area presenting their crafts. Purchase unique, beautiful gifts here from them, at excellent prices.

From there the road goes on to Flagstaff through Ponderosa pine forests. You've just gone up in elevation above Oak Creek Canyon, by approximately 4000 ft.