Hiking Vacations - Best Tips!

We love to combine our family vacations with hiking vacations! Is that your idea of a great way to spend a vacation as well? We have some ideas and tips to make the 2 meet in an idyllic setting. Add some creativity, and you - and your family - can have a wonderful time... All around!

Hiking VacationsDriving to a Cabin Stay, Creek-side for a Hiking Vacation

We've had many people say to us "You guys always go on so many exciting vacation trips!" They say it with a touch of envy - as if they don't know how we manage to do that! As if we have some extraordinary gift, or have won some fantastic inheritance that finances us! But no!

I always just reply "You just have to think ahead, and then plan ahead!" That is the key - planning. Keep it in mind ahead of time, think about it, and gradually make a plan. Then terrific vacations will truly materialize!!

Are you a planner or a procrastinator?

We can actually manage to figure out hiking vacation ideas for both types of hikers! It's ideal if you begin planning months ahead of time. But if you're the last minute type of person - for whatever reason...

You can still get it done!

Hiking Vacations - Ideas for Advanced Planners!

Plan ahead for your vacationPlan Ahead for Your Hiking Vacation

Arrange your trip by thinking months ahead... that's usually the best way. Even up to a year before your scheduled vacation. As soon as you arrange your days off from work, or your commitment schedule - begin planning. If children are included in the mix, figure their schedule into this plan.

We've taken our grandchildren on a number of our trips. We specifically worked around their school holidays. This often fit into our work holidays, as well. Isn't this similar to the way it works for you?

BEST AIRFARE Universal advise from experts...

Best plane faresGet the Best Plane Fare by Timing Your Purchase

Look for plane fares about 3 months prior to your anticipated departure for the best rates. Always reserve on-line. Calling the airlines to reserve will cost you more, as a rule.

Search on a Tuesday, after about 3 p.m. - that's the time business flight sales (biggest business!) are pretty much complete. Schedule your flights for a Tuesday, Wednesday or Saturday. Sunday flights will typically be the most expensive.

ANOTHER TIP... from experts for best fares!

You use your web browser searching among the sites for the best fare, the best route with the shortest time/lay-over. Check the airline sites for comparisons. Pick out the fare with the best deal after comparing - then you go back to that site for your purchase...

AND - what has happened?? That fare is no longer available... ALREADY!!

It has increased, making you think fares are rising that fast!

But really it may be triggered to your browser, and the site's own programming of the cookies in your browser. The site itself is psyching you out into panicking, and making you think the fares are rising fast - so you will purchase immediately.

You don't have to go through the trouble of clearing that information from your browser (clearing the cookies - although you could do that). Instead just switch to a different browser, unconnected with the one you just used. Go back to the website and get that fare that you found!!

Resorts or hotel rooms are often priced by supply and demand - but rates can be variable. Wait too long... risk losing out on that desired stay. Then again, waiting can sometimes get you a great deal.

Bargains are always around, when you know where to look!

You just have to keep searching daily, and become familiar with the rates for what you need. Then when you see a deal - grab it! Subscribe to sales emails, as well.

vacation planning?Vacation Planning?

Hiking Vacations: Last Minute Ideas

So you tend to be a procrastinator? Yet anybody has an opportunity to arrange a last minute vacation! An unexpected chance to take some time off...

Your 3 day weekend can turn into 4 days off!

Your 4 day weekend gets a furlough into 5 days off!

You can likely find some last minute package deals in an area which is great for family vacations - and also is great for a hiking trip!

OR put a road-trip together for a great family vacation + a hiking vacation...

Within driving distance of home!

Family Input for Hiking Vacations

Family input for vacationsSurfing Beach?
Island vacation? Family input essentialTropical Island?

What types of places do your kids - your significant other - your grand-kids, etc. - where do they like to go on vacation trips? Let them have a say, because nearby there is sure to be a great area for a fantastic hike for the family! Of course, we love our desert - and recommend it to you! The kids may love the ghost towns, or the Wild West adventures to be found here. But...


Dunk Island AustraliaDunk Island Australia

THE TROPICS? Fantastic! A tropical jungle area, like Belize, or Cancun - or some other areas of Mexico have great hiking spots. How about Central America? Southeast Asia? Northern areas of Australia. Many areas of South America are also tropical. And even right in the U.S. - what about Florida, and areas of the Gulf States all qualify, with tropical jungle trails!

ISLANDS? Yes - they love tropical areas - but want an island culture. No problem! The Hawaiian Islands are a fabulous vacation and hiking spot. With many unique areas. The Grand Canyon of Hawaii. Hiking into beautiful waterfalls. Hiking into volcanic areas. And so much more.

Southeast Asia again is a region of many many islands: the Philippines and Malaysia for instance. Then think of Tahiti and so many other South Pacific islands.

Or maybe it doesn't have to be tropical - How about Vancouver Island in Canada, or Prince Edward Island, or Nova Scotia or Newfoundland? What about the Aleutians off Alaska?

A Catalina Island vacation can be an idea!Catalina Island: Family Vacation & Hiking


Even closer - what about coastal islands right off the U.S. How about Catalina Island, near to the metropolitan areas of Southern California. There's the San Juan Islands in the Northwest, off of Washington state.  Angel Island in San Francisco Bay is fascinating. And then off the coast of Ventura California are the Channel Islands. 

There's plenty of islands all throughout the U.S. Think about those you know of...

bird watching and hiking available on Anacapa, Channel IslandsBirds Roosting on Anacapa in the Channel Islands - a View of Arch Rock

Road Trip Ideas
For Hiking Vacations With the Family

Road trips: whatever state they want... there is a hiking hot-spot near-by. And some great places for the family as well. Some great combinations for hiking vacations to satisfy the main hiking enthusiast, and the family!

Hikes vacationDrive to a Family Hiking Vacation

Where do you live? There is a great hiking vacation area right in your state! Too close to home for your rambling feelings? Then pick an adjacent state - drive for a day... or half a day...

Where will that get you to?

Plan your hiking vacation right there in that area. There's tons of ideas! Let's get started!

Take a Drive! Let's Go!

vacations can be arranged at your doorstep too!Belle Isle Conservancy, Detroit, MI - Home of the Borreal Wetlands Forest

Are you near to Detroit? A wonderful thing is going on there. Belle Isle is a small island in the Detroit River, which separates the U.S. from Canada. Within this isle there is a beautiful park with much history and variety. It contains an old wood forest which is a great habitat for many species of birds, along with nice trails for hiking. What an ideal place to plan a family vacation, and do some short, easy hikes. For many more details on everything going on and all the reasons why you should visit, click here.

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