Great Sedona Hikes

Great Sedona hikes can be found at every turn in and around the Sedona area. Sometimes what one person may think is a great hike, someone else may not. When on any Sedona trails, it seems that a great hike should offer fantastic views of the area. That is what will be suggested here...

Great Sedona Hikes along Oak CreekBeautiful Red Rock Scenery Can't Be Beat When Hiking in Sedona!

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A Great Sedona Hike:  Broken Arrow Trail

Great Sedona HikesGreat Sedona Views at Every Angle!

Would you like an easy trek, that gets you some fantastic views of the area? It's only 1 - 1/2 miles one way, with a small and gradual lift in elevation. Because of the easy walk, it can be a crowded trail. Jeep Tours will be regularly seen in the area. But, Sedona is for sharing, after all!

One sight along the way is called the Devil's Dining Room. A cavern into the hillside had collapsed. That created a 90 ft. deep sink-hole. The Broken Arrow Trail links up with another trail at its end, Little Horse Trail. But that trail doesn't have the view which Broken Arrow allows.

To reach Broken Arrow, take Hwy. 179 south from Sedona, 1.4 miles. Make a left turn onto Morgan Rd. Follow it to the parking area at the end, alongside the Jeep Road. Be sure to have your Red Rock Pass displayed.

Great Sedona Hikes for Solitude: Bear Mountain Trail

This is a very challenging hike, which is why you'll find solitude on the trail as well! If you're up for it - you'll find rewarding views!! But be sure you are up for it!

It's located in the vast, beautiful Red Rock/Secret Mountain Wilderness. That's situated West and North of the town of Sedona. This trek will take you uphill for almost 2000 feet in elevation over the nearly 2-1/2 mile, one-way venture. As you begin the climb, it appears you can view the summit. But no, that's not it at all! The summit is behind the hill you see in the distance. As you approach one spot, more distant areas on the trail appear. 

Yet all along the way, excellent vistas come into view in all directions! Have your camera ready. Have your binoculars ready. Probably allow 4 to 5 hours at least. Consider it a day's hike, to really enjoy it.

To get to the Bear Mountain Trail, take Route 89A West out of uptown Sedona AZ, from the junction of 179. Travel 3.2 miles to make a right onto Dry Creek Rd. At its end, in 2.9 miles, make a left onto Boynton Pass Rd. For another 1.6 miles, at the end, make a left on FR 152C. In 1.2 miles, the trail's parking area is on the left, with the trail-head on the right.

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