Cathedral Rock - Sedona

Cathedral Rock SedonaCathedral Rock, Sedona: On the Trail

 Cathedral Rock, Sedona Trail

Cathedral Rock, Sedona, is one of the most famous red-rock landmarks of the magnificent vistas to be seen in Sedona. It's about the most photographed monolith of the area. It's often spoken of as the favorite view in Sedona.

Hikers like to go up the trail on Cathedral Rock, to watch a Sedona sunset. Those views are spectacular! The sun reflecting on the red rocks make for a particularly wonderful vantage point at Cathedral Rock. Try it on your own Cathedral Rock Sedona trail hike.

The trail presents quite steep areasSteep Trail Hiking

You should consider one thing as you plan a hike up Cathedral Rock. There are parts of it that are quite steep. As you maneuver it - some of it will feel like rock climbing! It's an easy start - for the first quarter mile...

But then, the trajectory angles up quite a bit. Before you begin that climb, though, take a look around. What a view even from there! Then - up you go! On the really steep parts, there are little wedged out areas for your feet to get a grip. A great help! 

Plenty of kids go along on this hike. So even with the steep areas - it is do-able. It's a most popular, and loved hike in Sedona, for sure...

Be sure to take advantage of stopping points along the way. Look around. Take in the views for which this hiking trail is favored.

Beautiful Red Rock views of SedonaViews like this from the trail at Cathedral Rock, Sedona

Rock cairns along the way help guide your path. The view from the top is well worth the effort. You'll get that really satisfied feeling!

The whole route is about 1-1/2 miles up to the top and back. Because of the steep areas, completion could take up to 3 hours. Plus it can get crowded, for its popularity!

When you've reach the top, you'll look around your area there. You'll see you're in the gaps or saddles between the columns. These large towering spires are awe-inspiring formations. Standing in these saddles of Cathedral Rock, Sedona views all around are there before you. Sunrise views are wonderful from this area, as well.

Getting back down feels a little scarier - and it is by the same route. So be careful. All in all it's a great Sedona hike!

Cathedral Rock Safety Hints

  • No water available on this trail - so be sure to have some with you
  • Be prepared for conditions with no shade in most areas of the Cathedral Rock Sedona trail - it's quite hot in the summer
  • Wear sunscreen, possibly a wide brimmed hat; hike in the earlier part of the day, especially in summer
  • Wear practical hiking shoes for scrambling up steep areas, toe-hold climbs, rocky trails and rock faces
  • Do not hike alone, and be sure others know where you have gone
  • To get to the trail-head, check out this map: click here.