Boynton Canyon

Boynton CanyonBoynton Canyon, Sedona - in the Winter, with Snow & Clouds!

Boynton Canyon in Sedona is a popular hiking trail, and the area in general is also quite favored. The terrain is easy to navigate, and the views are outstanding! It has a reputation as a Sedona Vortex! That makes people even more intrigued. It is also easy to get to.

The trailhead is adjacent to "The Enchantment Resort" - a luxury resort.  You'd feel enchanted staying here I'm pretty sure! We've never stayed there ourselves, but it would be a deluxe stay - if you're into that. See some further details right here>

A few other trail-heads are close by. One of them (Deadmans Pass Trail) intersects the beginning of the main Boynton trail, and a short side trail called Boynton Vista Trail. For any of these trails, park at the same trail-head parking area before the entrance to the resort.

Remember to have the Red Rock Pass to park. It's a requirement. The parking lot is paved. There are vault toilet facilities right there for use before or after the hike.

The trail itself is not a bad hike, no steep climbs or lengthy treks. You'll have a gradual incline of a little over 700 ft. on the way in. The total route one way is about 2-1/2 miles. Be sure of your preparations to enjoy the scenery. Have enough water along, and allow about 3 hours.

It is a box canyon - so a u-turn will be the end result at trail's end. However, to view the wonderful red rock scenes from the different angles on the way back will thrill you all over again!

Getting to Boynton Canyon

Trailside views at BoyntonAwesome views along the canyon trail!

The roads to the canyon trail-head are all paved and maintained. To get there from the center of Sedona, drive south on Route 89A. Look for Dry Creek Road - on which you'll turn right. Watch for signs all along pointing the way, which you can follow.

Access a detailed map of the area, with the trailhead markings for Boynton Canyon trail, and others near-by. Get it by clicking here>

In good weather your hike may have sky-bound tag-alongs. Aerial tours of this area are quite popular. It may seem disturbing that small plane and helicopter sounds enter the mystical tranquility of this hike.

It can make you sad. But I guess you have to allow for all types of tourism. I have to think sometimes - everyone is not able to take a hike that is a total of 5 miles. Even if it seems relatively easy in the hiking world scheme of things. I guess...