Birding in Arizona

BirdingRoadrunners are delightful sightings in the Arizona desert!

Birding in Arizona is a fantastic discovery for those into this wonderful passion! Many species can be found in the Arizona Desert that are rare to non-existent in other areas of the U.S. - or world-wide. Here's the place to add many to your life list!

Many days as I sit at my computer adding additional information, updates and adventures here for you...

I look out the window to see our local visiting roadrunner making his way through our property! Did I say our property! Well - it's his territory for sure...

One day the roadrunner jumped right up onto the windowsill... I was startled! What made him do that? He bumped into the window right in front of my computer. Was he curious about what was inside this building? They are certainly interesting! He jumped right back down again.

Come to see us here in the Grand Canyon State, and have your own Arizona bird encounters! Then will you share those experiences with us? We'd love you to do that, please!! [Also - See below for sharing your sightings in all other areas of the world!]

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Hooded Oriole at My Bird Feeder 
I was surprised to see an Oriole looking bird at my bird feeder. I thought it was a Baltimore Oriole, but that would be unusual - since this was Arizona! …

Run Roadrunner! 
We spotted this bird, a roadrunner when we pulled into a parking lot. Going to the hardware store in an area of various shops - he was right there all …

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Identify the AZ Bird

There's a number of good books that focus on Arizona - since the birds of the area can be quite specific to the location. It seems that Sibley is the real go-to book, the Southeastern Bird Bible, so to speak.
We recommend it: The Sibley Field Guide to Birds of Western North America.

The other one we recommend - and which most others highly praise, is by R.C. Taylor: Birds of Southeastern Arizona.

Many people purchase and have both on hand - each to their own purpose. But still another to consider, because it adds so much more to birding in Southern Arizona. Produced by the Tucson Audubon Society, it helps you to locate the areas where you need to be.
See what I mean for yourself: Finding Birds in Southeast Arizona - 8th Edition.

Popular Bird Sighting Areas

Hummingbird Hang-outs

Arizona hummingbirdsMany Hummingbird Species Can be Seen in AZ

Hummingbirds are always fascinating to watch. Arizona has over a dozen different species of these wonderful little flyers that either are natives year-round, or are on their way through during part of the year.

The 2 migratory seasons are when the vast majority of them will be found in the Southeastern corner of the state. In late summer and autumn they begin their route South as the weather gets colder. Their insect diet dwindles, and they need to get to places which provide that diet. In Spring they return about the middle of May.

Hummingbirds have a very high metabolic rate - which is why they're always on the look-out for bugs to eat. Desert plants provide them nectar they love and need! In fact they are among nature's pollinators. These plants attract them to particular areas - including feeders and plantings provided for them.

In the desert, they seek out Ocotillo and Desert Willow. Other plants can be a part of a Southwestern Style Landscaping that will also attract these little hummers. Penstemon, Autumn Sage and Chuparosa will also bring them in for a meal!

Birding in AZ National Wildlife Refuges

An Arizona National Wildlife Refuge is an ideal spot for bird watching. Nine different refuges are located in the Western and Southern areas of the state. Click here for information on their location and further details.

Binoculars are an important necessity for your enjoyment of this sport/hobby. You must have them along with you when visiting Wildlife Refuges, and when going on your observation adventures.

How can you tell which types of binoculars will be the best ones for you? We have some tips you can use...

See our binocular assessment and purchasing tips page: more information here.

We Watch All Over the Place!!

Birders know how they are! They are willing to go to the far ends of the earth to see different species. They want to experience new sightings. Hear new bird calls in their true habitats! They love to add another to their life list. Wildlife Refuges are their choice of a fun spot to be!

They love to be able to photograph the birds they view...

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