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BinocularBinoculars for AZ Birding

Birding, Camping, Hikes, Desert Exploring & More!

There are sooooo many choices for a good binocular out there! How can you tell which ones to choose for your birding, hiking and camping adventures? A good start is to figure out your own personal needs. For me - I started with my budget range, and went from there.

Maybe budget isn’t as important to you – but you can decide what is the most important area, and then check the other features in order of importance. Categorize the qualities in your ranking order, and see which ones fit. Rule out the choices which are not at all in your realm of need!

You then have your best ones from which to choose! Online you may have your favorite place from which to order. A local store may give you less buying options. Yet your local store may also have an online store for a more wide variety of selections! That could be smart shopping!!

Binoculars: Attributes Galore!

Some categories for binoculars are more important than others. Are you are a serious practitioner? Or maybe you are a casual watcher of birds at a bird feeder! During my heavy career working days, I certainly was in that latter category!

But now that we're into retirement timing – I’m trending toward that former description! Could be you've been in different ranges of activity, and will have different needs at different times! All of this will influence which features you need. Price usually is an important factor for most people. Sturdiness, magnification, focusing adjustments, accessories, etc. – can all be aspects to consider for your choice.

Yes, you can make your purchase on-line – but then will a shipping charge add to the cost? That's another consideration. So it will be important to look for free shipping. Most users consider these the important categories for their purchase:

  • Image brightness 
  • Personal Viewing Field 
  • Focus features 
  • Size & configuration 
  • Outer construction 
  • Lens coatings 
  • Cost

Visualize – the Innards!

Are you a visual learner? Comparing construction is important. The diagrams below will add information to assist you in your purchasing decision. Compare a Poro Prism style to a Roof Prism style:

Poro diagramPoro Diagram to Compare to Aid Your Selection.

Roof prismRoof Prism Diagram to Compare to Aid Your Selection.
Poro Prism BinocularPoro Prism Binocular
Roof Prism BinocularRoof Prism Binocular

Invest in Quality Care!

Now that you have your very own pair of binoculars – you’ll treat them lovingly! Sometimes in the rush of seeing that new sighting, they get handled roughly. They get thrown in the back seat of the car. They get left in the trunk when you get home late. Believe me I know!

We used to take our kids with us to the wildlife refuge. Oh, the bird and wildlife  sightings there – I was thrilled! But between those sightings, the kids had to be fed – and entertained. Then getting home, getting them cleaned up – and to bed. They’d be cranky sometimes. And the binoculars weren’t the first item on the agenda on those rushed evenings. So caring for that investment was unfortunately put off - or actually neglected...

I understand how that goes. Maybe I didn’t plan as well as you can – someone can be in charge of making sure they go into the case. The day is done, their optics/lenses are cleaned & covered, and then all is put away.

The investment you've made in your binoculars will pay off on your birding hikes and desert wildlife scoutings, when well cared for. I hope you can do better than I did! I know I’m striving to do better now, in my less time-constrained retirement years!