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Our website story begins with me - Karen. I have always had an entrepreneurial spirit. I have experimented with some home businesses. Bill also, has had that spirit to some degree. Early on we had our own home business which involved custom auto detailing, which Bill specialized in - and sign painting, for auto dealerships, which Karen specialized in. We enjoyed working it, and it was successful.

But there was something more we longed for. We wanted to go West. So we moved out West, to Arizona, and circumstances changed in multiple ways. We began working for others, going to school, etc. Eventually we began a sideline home business, which for various reasons was not really successful.

It was during that time, that I, Karen, first encountered Site-Build-It (SBI). I loved the way it taught a web business, step by step. It also was very reasonably priced. I started a website with it - but, didn't follow through with its step by step instructions as I should have. I wasn't consistent with it, I didn't really follow the plan as I should have. So of course it wasn't successful either. After the first year of it being completed, with it going nowhere - and my busy work schedule and other distractions - I just let it die!

Then we were offered a great job opportunity, involving a move to California. That occupied the next 10 years of our lives - but that entrepreneurial spirit was just there, lying dormant, during that time. In mid 2014, it became necessary for family reasons, to return to Arizona. I again thought about SBI, and looked into it. I saw that there were many improvements to it - as if that were imaginable! But like anything good, with good management - they always seek ways to improve.

With all the improvements - the price was still so reasonable - still the same! So I purchased SBI again, and started the process - accurately, following the system this time. And I am still just amazed at all that it offers and provides to guide you, to help you in establishing everything you need to run an online business! It is just so fantastic. I can only suggest you check it out as well - there's no obligation. In fact, they'll even let you try it out for free!

AZdesertTrips advertisingKaren and Bill of

So this is a home business. It is done with interest, with passion, with loving care, and with a purpose to help others out there to discover Arizona, its desert areas, Tombstone as a historical town, and all the wonderful things about the Southwest where we live. We want everyone to be able to enjoy what we have discovered - if they are also so inclined!

We also suggest that if you have any entrepreneurial spirit at all - that you look into SBI. It is the most fantastic method of creating a website, and developing a web home business. It is not overnight riches - and anyone should realize that "get-rich-quick"  is normally a pipe dream! But with consistently following the plan, as set forth by SBI - and all the help given by fellow SBIers - good things will happen!

Or if you are a business owner already - and need a great website system, this is it! I would also recommend looking into SBI, as they do provide for typical business owners as well. Every business should have a web-site! I know when I'm interested in a business, I check them out on-line first. I'm amazed when I can't locate their own website, and am not likely to become a customer.

To see what SBI can do for you, please take a look at SBI by clicking here!

But for further disclosure regarding SBI AZdesertTrips advertising (with which you can also partake - if you become an SBI website developer), if you support us here at AZdesertTrips by purchasing SBI through us, we will earn a commission.

If you decide to give your business to any we talk about on our site, we hope you will mention where you heard about them - from us here at AZdesertTrips.

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