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Arizona VacationDuring Your Arizona Vacation - See the Petroglyphs in Saguara National Park West

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An Arizona vacation may be the most unique, fantastic experience you have had! Consult someone who has a solid knowledge of the area. Who has the tips on the greatest sights to see, and the engaging things there are to do!

Who could you consult that has knowledge of unique features that are off the beaten track?

Who could that be? Why there's us! We live here! We love it here!

We can clue you in to every captivating and fantastic place you'll love to visit and explore! We'll let you in on places off the beaten track. For instance - do you love nature, and maybe are into bird-watching? We can help you find the areas you'll want to visit. This is just an example: here.

We'll show you the bargains the other tourists don't know about. We'll let you in on great spots other travellers won't easily locate!


Bisbee StairsHere's a Bisbee stairway, along the route for the stair-climb - probably!!

Yes - what about the Bisbee 1000 Great Stair Climb? An award winner, and gaining mention in notable publications - this event began in 1990, and has been growing since its start.

Bisbee, in the very Southeastern part of AZ, is a town set amongst hills. During the Depression era, the jobs program set workers into creating a system of stairways incorporated into the sidewalks around town - since there were so many hilly areas to traverse. For the Great Stair Climb, the route includes the sidewalks along with the stairways.

To be exact, there's 9 stairways with 1,034 individual steps. An Ironman Section adds an additional 155 stairs. The event is held the 3rd weekend in October, each year. It is also a charitable event that supports various initiatives for Southeastern AZ.

If you don't have the energy to be a participant - there are still all kinds of activities. Plus Bisbee itself is definitely a unique and historic place you'll want to see. Check out all the competition details at their website:

Arizona Vacation Rental

Do you want an Arizona vacation rental? We can help with that - even recommend some "hot" deals that others aren't likely to easily find! Read More>

For instance, how about a different sort of a stay - in Globe, Arizona...

The kids will love that they can get away with sleeping in school - without penalty! The Noftsger Hill Inn is an old school house. Circa 1907, children attended through 1981. It stood vacant until creative entrepreneurs turned it into a bed and breakfast.

Very reasonable rates begin at $90 per night. That includes a delicious breakfast and rooms with a full bath and historic or scenic views. Check it out at their website:

Globe AZ, itself - has interesting nearby attractions. It isn't far off from a visit to Phoenix for any city entertainment you'd like there.

But in Globe itself, a gem is Besh-Ba-Gowah - essentially an Apache word meaning something like a place of metal. It's an archaeological park, restored from the excavation of ruins dating back to approximately 750 to 1400 a.d. The origins of the area are thought to be of the Salado peoples. Then the Apaches were there until the late 1800s. Pay a small admission charge, although children 12 and under are free. Visit at 1324 S. Jess Hayes Road in Globe.

Other great sites to experience are also nearby...

The Boyce Thompson Arboretum is a fabulous way to spend half a day, viewing and learning about all the variety of desert plants.

A terrific road trip is the Apache Trail - very scenic! Quite a twisting turning route along the Salt River and its lakes. You can even stop for a swim there - Canyon Lake has swimming areas and boating. Roosevelt Lake is a great spot. After passing the dam - check out the boat rentals. Plan an early morning for a fantastic day!

An Awesome Family Vacation

Saguaro National Park West for an AZ VacationOur grandkids went with us on a lot of our vacation trips!

Want a great family style Arizona vacation? We'll show you some things to help you put together your own fabulous plans. Make a most memorable event!

Are you coming in to Arizona through the Northeastern corner? Then you must make this stop. The kids will always remember Jackrabbit Trading Post! Along Interstate 40, exit on #269 and head south for Joseph City. This stop is about 12 miles east of Winslow.

The attraction is a giant Jackrabbit on the premises. It's all saddled up for the kids to climb aboard! Get their picture - and Dad or Mom can stand right next to the rabbit. It will tower over them! As it's about 8 ft. high at the tip of its ears! It has a half stunned, but half friendly look on its face - so the kids will find him fun and funny!

Corner in WinslowStandin' On a Corner in Winslow Arizona - Such a Fine Sight to See!

Of course, this is just one little ole suggestion on your way into the state! Wait til we let you in on some more...

Like a quick stop in Winslow - to stand on that ever-famous corner!

Romantic Getaways

How about romantic getaways? We are empty nesters who still look to get that going! We love to go away together still. We'll tell you about some great Arizona vacation places to have that impassioned trip!

Saloon Row, Williams AZSaloon Row with Buildings on the National Historic Registry

The Red Garter Inn is a titillating, yet historic special stay! The building in which this bed and breakfast is housed is on the National Register of Historic Places. In old Williams, Arizona - the roadway to the Grand Canyon.

It's situated on what used to be called Saloon Row, in the days of the Wild West! It originally was built as a Saloon leading upstairs to the Bordello...

Discounts can be had during winter months, for a hot Arizona vacation!! You can also get bargain rates for available last minute stays. See their website at