Arizona RV Owner Choices

Our current Arizona RV was bought locally. We're loving it! We've had previous recreational vehicles, and have been tenting. We've done a touch of back-packing [see our story]. But now - it's the time for us to stick with our good ole RV. Arizona is a great place for using it!

Helping others with what we've learned is a passion of ours. Where are the best locations? Why? As we travel around the state, and even into surrounding states of the Southwest - we want to share these tips. We even venture beyond that! Some help can be found on our Camping Page.

But for details on campgrounds in Arizona, RV accommodating - we'll show as we go!

Arizona RV Recommendations/Reviews

Arizona RVTravel Trailers are great for RVing!

There are times you want to plan your trip to leave one spot, and get to the other - and stay for awhile. Other times, a longer trip will involve a one-night stop-over. With those, you probably want a quick and easy in and out!

We have some good tips for you, either way, while traveling in and around Arizona. RV campgrounds and places for a quick stop - we've done it too. Let's see how we can help you... Read More Here>

Money Saving Tips for RV-ing

Membership Savings

Because we're retired - we like to keep our costs for Arizona RV & other state RV Parks low. We investigated some ways to do that. Some of our suggestions might not be for everyone. But if you regularly go out traveling in your RV, becoming a member of Passport America is a recommended plan!

They've been around a long time, so have a reliable history. The rate to join is extremely reasonable - especially for what you get. Even try it out for just one year. You'll probably recoup your membership on your first campsite reservation!

They have almost 1900 campgrounds throughout the U.S. They also include choices in Canada and Mexico. The member card gets you 50% off the campsite rates. Seems hard to turn down - we love it! More Details Here

Extended Warranty Needed?

We really did some research on insurance and a warranty for our RV. The Extended Warranty was something we agonized over a bit - for our current RV. It was quite expensive.

We never purchased an extended warranty for our previous RV experiences - just went with the basic one that came with the purchase. Our first RV was brand new. We thought it wouldn't be necessary to extend the warranty beyond the initial factory one.

That turned out essentially true. No problems until just before we planned to sell it. Just as we moved to Arizona, RV problems set in. They were more mechanical in nature, and a mechanic friend helped us out with it. Then we sold it. No RV plans for awhile!

Our travel trailer was barely used. The only problem we ever had on that was when the toilet stopped flushing. (At the end of a trip - ugh!!) No longer under factory warranty, we had it replaced - good as new! At our own cost, but it wasn't that bad.

With our latest RV, we had a great investment - and as retirees would be using it much more. We wanted to feel secure about any upcoming repairs it could need - since it was a used vehicle.

Researching, comparing offerings, we decided on ProTrek. The higher coverage - Diamond, was worth it for the extras it provided. More value at not too much higher a price.

We'd recommend looking into it. We did our homework to the best of our ability - and it seemed like the right pick. Everyone from RV discussions that we consulted had good things to say about it.

Insurance Coverage

We also had to get comprehensive and collision coverage for on the road. We're members of AARP - so that was advantageous in choosing insurance.

Going through them, we got our coverage through the Hartford. With our car added in we got a discount rate that was only a few dollars more than we had been paying for just our car!! So, at least in Arizona, RV on-the-road insurance was a deal from Hartford insurance.


They said if we take a Defensive Driving course, we'll get another discount! We're gonna go to school again!!

Campground Guide Books

Our next advice may not be for everyone... But actually, we can't help but think there is something for everyone in this book! Want to find Free or very Low-Cost campsites? The author puts out a few of these guides. We have one, and it's so useful.

There's the one that's made specifically for Recreational Vehicle camping. Called Don Wright's Guide to Free Campgrounds - covering the U.S. It lists over 14,000 campgrounds where you can park your RV for Free. Or if there is a charge - it will be no more than $12 per night. For us - I know - in Arizona, RV free sites are ideal at times!

The Edition we have includes all kinds of sites. If you sometimes do any back-packing or car-camping, that may be the choice for you. A quite useful choice:
Guide to Free Campgrounds: Includes Campgrounds $12 and Under in the United States (Don Wright's Guide to Free Campgrounds)

He does divide his books also into a Western and Eastern Edition. So if you plan to specialize in one of those areas, maybe you'd prefer one of those. You can look into the Western Edition version, to see what you think...
Don Wright's Guide to Free Campgrounds: Western Edition (12th Edition)

Suitable for YOU?

A thing to remember with Wright's books - some of the campsites listed will not be suitable for all types of RVs, particularly the Class A varieties. Size limits are included in the listings - or if an RV is not suited for the site at all.

You do have to be into a more wilderness, and/or "off the grid" type of experience for many of the listed sites. If you're not - don't go there!!