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Grand Canyon National MonumentAwe Inspiring View into the Grand Canyon at the G.C. National Monument - Parashant

Arizona is unique! Photos of its varied flora and fauna help people appreciate what it has to offer. Photos taken in this spectacular environment can be amazing!

What scenes could be in your view-finder? One-of-a-kind vistas, unusual plants, unusual animals that may cross your path!

If you get to visit, there are a variety of different climactic zones to experience.  While in AZ, you may stay in one specific environment. Or you might choose to visit various climates at different times during your stay. That's exactly it!

Go from the desert to the mountains, and the temperature can change by 30 degrees or more in just an hour's ride!! (Be sure to layer your clothing!) That's what you can experience...

Get lots of ideas here - to plan for your trip. Bargains, insider tips, things to do and see, what not to miss, planning ideas - so much more!

As Arizona locals - as residents who love to experience all these areas, and travel among them regularly - we give you great inside info! Right here you'll get these super tips about Arizona, and the desert environment...

But right now, if you're not able to get here to AZ anytime soon...    

You can visit us vicariously!  Electronically!!  Digitally!!!

Who Has Some Great Arizona Pictures?

What we here at AZdesertTrips want to know is...

Have you visited with us here in Arizona? Have you taken a fantastic, astonishing photograph that our web readers would just feel stunned in awe from viewing it?

Please share it with us and our web readers! You must let us enjoy it too!   Soooo...

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At the end of every season: Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter we choose the winning photo. We will feature your Seasonal Winning Photo on our Arizona Pictures page, plus on our home page - AND the winner receives a Love Arizona sticker!

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Hiking through Aravaipa Canyon -
West Entrance
Aravaipa Canyon is a beautiful canyon not too far from Tucson. You need to get a permit from BLM to enter the canyon. There are many times you have to …

Mooney Falls, taken on the Havasupai Reservation 
Mooney Falls is located on the Havasupai Reservation. The water stays 70 degrees all year!

Winter in the San Francisco Peaks 
This is along the road to/from Mount Elden. I have to regularly go there for my job. I must plunge through the snowy dirt roads to get my work done. But …

Mt. Elden Summit, Flagstaff Arizona Not rated yet
Taking the road up to Mt. Elden summit, took this photo looking southward over the town of Flagstaff. You can see the dome of the stadium where NAU sports …

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