Arizona Camping

Arizona CampingPitch your tent - enjoy!

Arizona camping provides so much variety, with many options to fit all desires!

Recreational Vehicle - a variable term. From a very large Class A to van-like Class B vehicles. Depending on the type, and length - they're suitable for different types of campsites. And it depends on who is in the RV - what type of camping they like to do.

There's also the tow-able travel trailers - a huge assortment from mini-mini on up! Then there's tenting - variable styles also. Such flexible Arizona camping sites available!

We have been in all of the above! Main categories, that is. And continue to live our own Arizona camping journey! [See our own camping story... more here>]

What do You have? What do You like to do? Our campsites will be listed by category and size limits. We'll throw in some of our recommendations. So choose what you like!!

Arizona Camping in Your RV or Tent

We have a few methods that help us in camping with our RV. We have a Class C - we like to take it to wilderness types of areas. Go off the "grid" - so to speak, with our self-contained unit. Then in between we'll go for some luxury. Of course we use it for major vacation trips too.

For a great camping experience, it's important to be organized & have appropriate, good equipment [more here>]. 

We did a few really helpful things to enhance our experience in Arizona camping. They've given back the value over and over again! They work for RVs and tenting...

  • First, we wanted to scout out free or very low cost camp-sites - and know which ones can accommodate our RV. We found the perfect book! It's organized by state, with maps to help if you're going to a specific area. We really recommend using this one:
    Guide to Free Campgrounds
  • Secondly, we joined Passport America - which provides 50% discounts on sites throughout the US, Canada and Mexico. It's a well-known, trusted and respected company - and I know in the Tucson area alone, there's plenty of campgrounds where their discount applies. See More: Click Here!
  • Finally - we use a camping check-list, to be sure we have all our needed, and even desirable - camping equipment along with us! It's awful to get to your site and realize you've forgotten something!
    I think we have it organized really well: See it Here!

Arizona RV Parks

Campfire in the EveningA campfire at night is part of the camping experience!

Many Arizona camping parks are set up for Motorhome Camping. Yet they continue to keep spaces suitable for tenting as well. Here are some of those choices:

  • Fort Wilcox RV Park - 1765 W. Fort Wilcox Loop in Wilcox AZ. Full hook-up sites and tent sites with all variables of utilities - rates accordingly. Base rate on 2 people. Located off I-10, along Business Route 10. Nearby attractions: Cochise Stronghold, Chiricahua National Monument [more here>], Fort Bowie, wine tasting, golf, orchards, state park with hot springs. Discounts available for Triple A, AARP, Passport America & EscapeesRV. Call them at (520) 384-4986
  • Adventure Bound Camping Resorts - Family owned. Sites for everyone here - from large motor homes to tents. Plus tons of activities - even a pool with a Tiki bar! Adjacent to wilderness hiking. PA discount; weekly, monthly reduced rates. In a beautiful SE Tucson setting: 10195 South Houghton Rd., accessed from I-10 Freeway.  Call (520) 574-3000
  • Arizona High Country Campground - In AZ White Mountains, near Apache-Sitgreaves National Forest. Rates based on 2: open April through October. Large beautiful sites, pet friendly (mostly). PA discount. Located mid-way between Showlow and Overgaard AZ, just off Rt. 260, on Clay Springs turn-off: Old Hwy. 160 (North). Entrance 1 mile up on the right. Call (928) 739-4383 or email:
  • Many others are available, of course [Read More>]

State Park Camping

Arizona has a number of fabulous State Parks, many of which have terrific camp-sites. Make any of your Arizona state park reservations (must include a $5 non-refundable deposit) by calling (520) 586-2283. Online  reservations also available.

  • Roper Lake State Park - A highly recommended Arizona camping spot in Safford, Southeastern AZ. We'd take our granddaughters there on numerous occasions. It has a 30 acre lake, a naturally filled hot-tub by the local hot springs (the girls loved it!), a swimming beach, fishing, birding, hiking trails and more! Sites have water and electric. Check in by noon or risk losing the reservation. Also be aware: park gate closes at 10 p.m. From I-10 take Rt. 191 North (Exit 352). Entrance is on the right.
  • Lake Havasu State Park - On the lake created by the Colorado River: Lake Havasu City. Boat rentals available, RV & tent sites with electric & water hook-ups. Beachfront sites available. Swimming, hiking, Arroyo-Camino Interpretive Garden. Holiday weekends require 3 night stays; April through September weekends require 2 night stays. It's located between Interstates: North of I-10 and South of I-40, off of AZ Hwy. 95. Locate it from London Bridge Rd. - Old Hwy. 95.

National Forest Campgrounds

National Parks are a treasure to visit. They do have entrance fees, but some days throughout the year are even free of charge - as a gift to the people! National parks are also great places to camp. A lot of them provide that wilderness experience that many tenters and backpackers enjoy. Some great Arizona camping in National Parks...

  • Saguaro National Park, Tucson - Backcountry camping in the Eastern unit is available with a permit. The park covers desert lands, but also goes as high as over 8000 ft., with pine forest. Access permit information and application: Click Here
  • Grand Canyon National Park - In Northwestern Arizona [more here>]. 4 campgrounds are available within the park, 1 of these is on the North Rim. Only 1 has RV hook-ups. Only 2 are open all year, both on the South Rim. The other 2 are open from Spring to October. For more details, and reservations (available at 2 of them up to 6 months in advance) - Click Here

Our Camping Experience

We've always been campers ourselves.

From the time we were newlyweds, going camping was a way to explore our world on the young person budget. In old fashioned tents that took an hour to erect. Sleeping on these cheap pool rafts that always deflated before morning! Ugh!!

We had our kids and continued - improved on the tents. Getting some cots made for much better sleeping comfort!

Then we got a Ford van with bench seats that Bill used in his job. We got crafty, so we could double it up for improved camping comfort.  Aimed to be better protected from the elements. We did some home-made customizing - really basic.

We made shelves accessed from the back end doors, to store provisions. Bill actually used them to store his work materials on the job. So double duty!

We liked it - it did the job well enough. We could still have the camping life-style, but with a little more cozy comfort.

Bill for RV campingBill with our RV!

Finally, our 2 kids were getting older, a little whiny! They wanted friends along on camping trips - that was good! So we were able to get a little Toyota RV. When they first came out. That was a good little vehicle, that took us a lot of places. It was great since it could go into a lot of small campsites, and it was self-contained.

When our kids had friends along, we had a small tent for them all - really improved now! Just pop it right up, just about. So they'd pitch it right outside the RV door - and feel really cool, like they were out on their own!

We went a lot of places in that RV. All up and down the East Coast - from the tip of Florida up to Maine and into Canada. We took it to New Brunswick, into Nova Scotia, and then onto the ferry to Newfoundland. Not all in one trip, of course!

Oh, and we also took it out West, to Arizona - Tucson to be exact. We did two weeks of Arizona camping, and knew this was where we had to be living!

When we moved out West to Arizona, that was our first home here - Arizona camping in our Toyota RV! Stayed in that about a month while searching for a rental home. It was a means to begin to reestablish ourselves out West. While getting settled, expenses required us to sell it. But it did its work of keeping our family being happy campers!

After we got a little settled, we got back to tenting again. Our budget again was cramped, as we were getting ourselves settled out West. Going to school, figuring out new careers, etc. Not much rain here in Arizona, so the comforts in that respect were easier to come by. So we certainly began exploring and getting in some Arizona camping in a tent.

Then finally, we became established enough, had our careers going well - and wanted to get a little more comfort again. We still loved the camping lifestyle. So we bought a nice little travel trailer, that our Toyota pick-up was equipped to tow. And off we went again!

Got a lot of good camping done in that. Throughout Arizona, into California, Colorado, New Mexico and to the beach in Mexico. Good ole Rocky Point - Puerto Penasco, that was really nice. Right on the beach at Playa Bonita.

Then we moved to California, San Diego area, to begin fantastic new jobs. We kept the camper at our daughter's. It was impractical to bring it out there with us. Nowhere to keep it, and then no time to go camping. After a few years we just sold it. When we took short trips, we just began staying in motels, resorts, cabins and B & Bs. All our vacations and substantial amount of days off revolved around returning to Arizona to see our family. So camping went by the way-side, but not off our minds!

Go CampingReady for some Arizona Camping!

Finally it was time to retire. So move back to Arizona was a definite! And what was on our mind right away - buy an RV. And so we have it now. What's to do but let you in on the campsites we've known and loved! Check out new ones, to see how they are - and let you know about it.

Finally - how about you let us know about the great ones that you like!! Message us here!