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About Us - Those of us behind the scenes of this website. We're here to help you get unrivaled pointers for the top ideas in planning trips to or gaining knowledge about deserts and various areas in Arizona. Our family is here, and loves the wonderful features and experiences the desert has to offer. The climate that Arizona features amazes us! - It truly gives us a stunning variation of choices within a few hours of travel!

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Helping you find amazingly unforgettable desert favorites... From A - Z!

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About Us: Karen & Bill

Karen has always been a warm-weather lover. Her family has always jokingly called her a "lizard" - really! Although born in Scranton PA, and growing up on the East Coast, she always knew one day her true home would be somewhere else. When the time became right, she and Bill moved across country to AZ.

Upon arrival in Tucson, first for a vacation to check it out - this was the place Karen knew would be her home. Soon plans were in the works for that permanent move.

Karen has an Associates degree in Respiratory Therapy, a Bachelors Degree in Health Care Management, and a Masters Degree in Education. She also has a certificate in TESOL - Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages and a certificate in teaching Business English.

About Karen and Bill McGowanKaren

Karen has always loved outdoor activities, travel, nature, conservation and in particular, birding. She has traveled to Ireland, Spain, Canada and Mexico and has had many hiking and camping experiences. She has ventured through much of the US also. And since moving out west has extensively been throughout Arizona, and the Southwest - and is not done yet!

Karen is the primary author of this website. For further details on the making of this website - read more here>

Karen McGowan

Bill is Karen's spouse - her husband. The two of them have been married for many years - and were actually high school sweethearts. People often comment on their marriage's longevity - but one of the reasons is that they are best friends. They enjoy the same activities and interests - which include travel, love of old Western history, and experiencing the outdoors!

Bill is a contributor to the website. He contributes ideas and photos. He offers critiques. He helps with information and accompanies Karen on their investigative trips to find the needed info, as well as unique and matchless information and creations we can offer to our readers.

Bill and Karen of Picture Rocks Networking LLCBill & Karen in San Luis Obispo

Bill also loves outdoor activities, and is interested in travel, nature, conservation, beautiful scenery, new adventures, and vicariously learning about birds through listening to Karen! He has also had many a camping and hiking trip, and has been traveling throughout the US, as well as to Ireland, Spain, Canada and Mexico - and doesn't plan to stop there! He also enjoys to travel! Especially with his traveling companion - Karen. He adores the Southwest, and really loves Arizona and the Sonoran Desert! Exploring these areas is a favored past-time. But just relaxing and watching the beautiful sunsets cannot be beat, he says!

The historical aspect of the old West intrigues him, and he regularly reads up on it. He's a great source of info about that, and loves to visit related areas.

Bill has both an Associates Degree and a Bachelors Degree in Respiratory Therapy. He has practiced in that field and also has been a teacher in that field.

Bill McGowan

By 2015 Karen & Bill retired from their medical field professions in hospitals and in  education. They decided on a plan - which was to move from Tucson. Their love of Tombstone Arizona and Western history played a part. This was accomplished in May 2016.

Therefore the basis of AZdesertTrips.com has relocated from the Northwest area of Tucson to Tombstone Arizona. Tombstone is now their home.

Karen McGowan on CA coastKaren along the PCH in California
Bill McGowan, relaxing at a PicnicBill Relaxing at a Friend's Picnic Get-together
In Key West FloridaKaren & Bill on a Trip to Key West FL

About Us: Other contributors to this website are our other immediate family members, all of whom live in Arizona. Most of their contributions are in the photographs that they take during their daily lives, experiencing Arizona, the desert - and all it has to offer.

Our daughter, Shannon - and her husband Fred. They live in the Continental Ranch area just Northwest of Tucson. Their daughters, our granddaughters - 3 of them who still live in the Tucson area: Amanda, Erica and Bunny.

Our son, Sean - and his wife Diana. They live in the Flagstaff area, which is in Northern Arizona. Their sons, our grandsons - Evan and Aedan, live there with their parents.

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