RSS stands for Really Simple Syndication. Everywhere that you see the orange RSS or XML buttons is the place to begin accessing this automatic news feed. Watch for them everywhere you go on the internet! [Ready to Install it? Directions Here>]

Your favorite places on the internet can be organized to come right to you. You don't have to bookmark them, remembering to go there. It's an automatic system giving you the updates you need.

When something is new at AZdesertTrips - you'll know about it if you subscribe to our RSS Feed! That way, you don't have to check back to see the latest - you won't miss out...

Whenever we publish a new page, a new tip, a new update to something that makes a page more timely - it's released through RSS. Sometimes there's a special announcement or re-release of earlier important features.

RSS is fantastic! No spamming involved, it's a subscription service - like the news carrier delivering that newspaper to your doorstep! Only it's right to your monitor or device...

And just like a newspaper - you subscribe to it (although there's no cost involved - it's FREE!) And also like a newspaper, you can stop your subscription - but much more easily! To unsubscribe: just delete the feed you're receiving.

Beginning RSS

First consider downloading RSS software for Windows or for MAC. This specialized software lets you to read the RSS feeds from news organizations around the globe, and even local feeds just like us here at AZdesertTrips!

INSTRUCTIONS TO DOWNLOAD - There are assorted options - download your choice of RSS software so you can read your subscribed feeds. Here's our recommended selections:

  • For Windows, we highly recommend "Sharp Reader" of those available. It is really easy to install, and has very good instructions - so it's quite easy to use. It's the one we use! Get it now - Click Here>
  • If you use a MAC, or other Apple products - here's the overall recommended one for you: Click Here>
  • If you'd like to see a list of different choices of RSS reading software, just do so by Clicking Here>

IMPORTANT - When you have downloaded the software, you must enter the URL of the feed you want to subscribe to.

To subscribe to our AZdesertTrips Blog & Recent Articles - Enter this URL into your RSS Reader (you can copy & paste):

Don't Want Downloaded Software?

SOLUTION: That's really no problem. We can understand - sometimes it's tiresome to go ahead and download another piece of software. But browsers do make RSS feeds available. Yahoo! in particular is a good one to choose for that purpose. It has an easy  process to view an RSS feed.

Chrome has an RSS feed you can build into their browser. It's quite easy to get, install and use, from what I did with it. Just Google "Chrome RSS Reader" to get a number of simple options to get it from the Chrome store.

There have been some complaints with it, though I personally don't see the problem. I'll tell you the solution that I saw suggested:

  • Copy our Blog feed address just as you see it on the next line - then paste it into Chrome's address bar. It will then open the blog page - but then you'll have to save it - which does defeat the purpose of having a blog reader!


Other browsers also likely do, you'll have to search their options for their directions.

Here's the steps for Yahoo!:

  • Point to the RSS boadcast button located in the Right Column here - at the top right corner of our Blog listing there: "Recent Articles" (= the Blog Feed) ...
AzdesertTrips Blog readerPoint to RSS icon & Click on My Yahoo!
  • Click on the Yahoo! logo - if you have a Yahoo! account, just log in and follow the instructions.
  • If not, create an account and follow the instructions.